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Organization development, flexibilization, streamlining

Strengthen your competitiveness with us

The organization, consisting of the organizational structure and operational structure, is described in the company based on current knowledge and the expected future. It defines an ideal state at the time of the description. If this future changes very quickly due to market or technology changes, the processes described no longer fit the needs. Consequently, two reactions can be observed in companies:

  • The complexity within the company is increased due to continuous, mostly uncoordinated, adjustments.
  • The described processes are no longer followed, as they no longer fit the changed tasks and boundary conditions.


The more dynamic the changes in tasks and boundary conditions in a company are, the more it is necessary to develop an organization that can adapt quickly to changes.

"I am convinced that an organization that wants to meet the challenges of a changing world must be prepared to question everything about itself on its way through the life of a company - except its basic convictions."

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The path to an adaptable organization

The organization of a company, with its two sub-aspects of organizational structure (hierarchical structure) and operational structure (processes), has a central influence on the ability of a company to operate successfully in the market. The organization must fit to the requirements of the market! Since the dynamics of the markets and other framework conditions are difficult for a company to predict, the challenge is to design the organization in such a way that it can quickly adapt to changing conditions. Only in this way a company will be successful in the long term. The approach of Krehl & Partner is based on the five principles of a lean organization.

  • Customer orientation (external and internal customers – supplier relationship)
  • Reduction of waste in the organization and maximization of value-adding activities
  • Continuous flow of activities in the process
  • The customer (external and internal) determines the flow
  • Continuous improvement as self-image in the company (culture)


Bei der Umsetzung legt Krehl & Partner besonderen Wert auf die Einbeziehung der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens. Zusätzlich werden neben den Lean Prinzipien auch passende agile Vorgehensweisen implementiert, welche eine nachhaltige Verankerung der neuen Organisation im Unternehmen unterstützt.

During the implementation Krehl & Partner attaches particular importance to the involvement of the company’s employees. In addition to the lean principles, suitable agile procedures are also implemented, which support a sustainable anchoring of the new organization in the company. Due to its focus on product development, Krehl & Partner has many years of experience in organizational design of product development in companies and the closely related areas of sales, purchasing and production.