Promote, Create, Accelerate


Strengthen your competitiveness with us

Promote, Create, Accelerate


Strengthen your competitiveness with us

A company is only sustainable if it constantly adapts to the changing environment (framework conditions). Therefore, companies must continuously deal with new service offers for customers as well as new possibilities of service provision. This continuous renewal process must be promoted and successfully managed. The innovation process includes the generation of new ideas, the selection of suitable ideas as well as the technical and economic implementation of the selected ideas.
Sources for ideas are new technologies, needs of the market or the company, ideas of individuals or groups within the company. You will find approaches on how to implement the ideas found under “Developing Products” or “Developing Organization”, depending on whether the idea is a product or a process.

Krehl & Partner Illustration of the innovation process

Our service

  • Definition of possible future scenarios and search fields
  • Use of creativity techniques for brainstorming
  • Idea evaluation and selection
  • Managing technology
  • Development and implementation of an innovation strategy suitable for the company
  • Definition of suitable structures to promote innovation
  • Establishment of an innovation culture in the company

Your value

  • Sustainable business models and products
  • Guidance on uncertain and new paths
  • Coordinated innovation and technology strategy
  • Establishing a company structure and culture that promotes innovation

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Suitable methods to support a target-oriented innovation process offered by Krehl & Partner

Idea generation

  • Design Thinking
  • Creativity techniques (e.g. TRIZ)
  • Scenario Technique
  • Idea competitions (internal within the company, involvement of external idea providers)

Technology Management

  • Technology Radar
  • Technology Calendar

Idea evaluation and selection

  • Ideas portfolio
  • House of ideas
  • Ideas management